“Shirts. Cool Shit. Cool Shit on Shirts”

My name is Katie and I work with Daniel running a screen printing / brand in Stanmore Bay, Auckland.

Blacken was established just after the first lockdown. We have always wanted to find a way to work together and we found that when Covid struck we had the perfect opportunity to save Daniel from the clutches of hospo and start up our new venture.

I have been translating my paintings into screen prints for quite a few years. I have had a full screen printing set up for some time and I have always wanted to do something like this. Daniel has also turned his hand to designing some shirts and hopefully we will see more from him in the future. He is a top notch screen printer and doesn’t take to it casually. He ALWAYS makes sure everything is exactly perfect and takes a lot of pride in his work. (Don’t tell him I wrote this, he would be awfully embarrassed!)

His eye for detail, doing things the right way and natural design instinct compliment my creative onslaught of frenzied passion and exuberance. haha!

We usually do a lot of large and small runs for other businesses, but because we own everything and do it all ourselves we also get to do some more fun and bad ass stuff on the side. This means we are adding to our collection constantly. There are still a lot of designs that are in our heads, when we see cool shit we want to print it (and we usually do!)

I work full time as an artist at www.katieatkins.co.nz too so I do a lot of paintings and these invariably end up as new designs. I have a bunch more from my catalogue of work that I will be printing in the coming months.

Thank you for checking out our store, we hope you love what you see!


Daniel enjoys making sure everything is straight and perfectly centered, drinking coffee, playing guitar, talking about guitars, listening to metal and not working in a cafe.

Daniel dislikes cringy about us pages.


Katie enjoys mixing ink, making art, folding shirts, helping customers, when Daniel makes her coffee and watching Twin Peaks.

Katie dislikes skinks that run under her feet so she almost steps on them when she is walking to her studio.