How much does screen printing cost?

What is the minimum amount of shirts I can get?

What are the best shirts to print on?

Can you print a photo on a shirt for me?

… If you have ever asked these questions, take a look below to find out the answers!

What is your minimum?

For screen printing our minimum is 10.

Basically the set up time is the same if you are printing 10 tees or 1000 tees… and it is always between 2-4 hours. This is a lot of work, and for less than 10 pieces the price is prohibitive. For a quantity less than 10, other printing techniques such as transfer prints are usually more appropriate.

See our workflow for a detailed outline of our process.

Please note: we can always print LESS than the recommended minimum but this does mean the unit price increases. Minimum runs assist in allowing us to cover set up times but also assist you in covering your set up costs. Remember part of the cost in setting up includes the $45 screen set up fee, which we can reuse for any additional jobs within 6 months. If you are planning on getting further prints done, sometimes it is okay to spend a bit more for the initial garments, knowing that you have already paid the set up and in the future your prints will be a lot less!

It’s up to you, give us a call and we are more than happy to help you out with options.

How long will my printing take?

The average turn-around time is 5-10 business days from the time the deposit is made and we have all decided we are ready to go with the job.

Rush orders are sometimes available depending on current workload and will incur an additional fee. For runs less than 20, it’s a flat $50. For runs over 20 items, it’s $1/item.

If you do need your order by a specific time please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can discuss what you need.

50% deposit is required to start your job. Payment is due upon receipt.

What shirts do you use / like?

We’ve brought together a select few styles that we recommend and that are our favourites. These are products we’ve printed, worn and tested. Whether its a t-shirt or a tote bag, for your new t-shirt range or just as a giveaway, we have an idea of the best way to start.

We have spent quite a few years in the shirt game, and even longer wearing shirts ourselves (who knew!) We have printed and worn AS Colour for as long as we remember. They are good! Which is why we basically only use their garments for our business. Not only that, but we have our go to cuts that we love. Staple and Maple are our standard order.

how much does screen printing costWe can also source any of the massive AS Colour range. Hit us up if you are wanting your screen printing done on any different style shirt that you see. We would be happy to add that to your quote.

Can we supply our own shirts?

You have some shirts or clothes that you would like to give us to print? While we do understand why you might want to do this, at Blacken we like to print on what we know to be reliable and the best quality possible. This leaves no colour issues or curing surprises.

FYI we quite often get people wanting us to print on some AS Colour gear that they have just gone out and purchased. Spoiler alert, we can probably supply these same garments for cheaper than you can so as a PSA you don’t have to be one of those people! Ask us first. 🙂

Can you help with my clothing label idea?

Yes please! Please get in touch if you have any grand plan on developing your clothing line / label. This is very fun for us, and we would love to hear from you!

Can you print a photo on a t shirt for me?

Yes! Look at our transfer prints page for more information about that.

Can you guys print just one shirt for me?

Yes! Look at our transfer prints page for more information about that.

Can I make changes to my job?

After you have given us the go ahead if you want to make any changes there will be a $30 – $50 charge. This fee is dependent on what stage we are at and of course at a certain point it will be too late to make any drastic changes. If you do need something different, just let us know asap and we will definitely see if we can help you.

Can we see samples?

No samples I am afraid, but we always send a comprehensive mock up image. We are happy to chat about your entire job and give you as much information as possible so you can get a very good idea of the outcome of your job.

Can I please see sample shirts?

We understand that sometimes you just need to try it on and make sure its the right fit for you or your customers, we can happily arrange to have samples ordered in for you so you can check the sizing, style and colours.

Sample garments will need to be paid for prior to being ordered, but once you are happy with them you can keep them or you can leave them with us to put in with your upcoming print order.

Handy hint: we only use AS Colour shirts so if you pop into a local store and have a look around, you can make some mental notes and let us know what you saw!

What areas can you print on?

Standard print locations are: front, back, left front chest, back neck, sleeve, side print and leg prints. If there is a particular print location you need and don’t see give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can you print on hats?

No sorry, but we CAN print patches that in some situations can look rad sewn onto a cap.

Do you do embroidery?

No sorry we don’t, and we actually don’t have a good place to refer you to. Please let us know if you know a handy embroiderer in Auckland that would like some occasional work!

Can you print on Skateboards?

No but we would like to print on decks at some stage in the future. Follow us on Instagram if you would like to see when we finally can do it. Feel free to let us know if you find someone that can screen print on skateboards as we have only really found vinyl sticker prints to be a viable option.

Can you print stickers?

No sorry we don’t, and we actually don’t have a good place to refer you to. Please let us know if you know a handy vinyl sticker printer in Auckland that would like some occasional work!

Do you do “all over” printing?

No sorry. Our maximum print size is A3.